Quality Policy

At Allied Foams our enduring commitment towards quality is evident from our ISO certification we have a separate quality control unit as well as R&D unit form part of our strategy to assure flawless products. Quality is our watchword. It starts with meticulous inspection and checks of raw materials that go into the making of each batch. Each raw material batch is checked and has an accompanying certificate.

We carry out in-process checks to ensure that each batch and each product matches stringent international specifications. Our quality control inspectors are quite ruthless in rejecting batches that do not meet standards and we simply discard such in-process goods. The final product too is checked for various physical and chemical parameters before it carries our brand label.

Quality is evolutionary and an ongoing process helped by our R&D lab that is always working on ways to improve products, come up with various innovations and reduces cost for the benefit of our customers. Perfection is the goal on our travel down the road of excellence.

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